The role of the bedroom in child development

The role of the bedroom in child development

A child’s bedroom serves many purposes - nursery, playroom, study - but most importantly a space of their own, where they find most comfort at the end of a long day. As they grow older, the room must transform and grow with them. No matter what their age, a child’s bedroom plays a significant role in housing his/her imagination, independence, creativity, whims and fancies.



Try incorporating modern and functional furniture in your kids room that do not take up too much space. Make sure you choose space-saving beds and dressers in complementary colors that grow with your child and their requirements to ensure longevity. Kids need their space to thrive! Another tip is to always have furniture with soft edges and splinter resistant.



Organic home decor with accessories is a great way to bring visual interest to the room by making the most of open spaces. You want the room to appear roomy and decluttered along with a sense of personality. Use photographs, wall art, plants, lamps, fixtures, pin boards, storage bins or even a swing to bring your child closer to feeling comfortable and self-sufficient in his/her room.

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